3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Removing Mold

Mold is common in nature. This fungus helps to decompose organic material like wood. In the wild, this is a good thing, but inside your home, mold isn't so helpful. Mold inside the home needs to be removed, and while it's often possible for you to do this by yourself, you need to be careful. You probably already know that not wearing protective equipment is a mistake, but here are three more mistakes that you might not have thought of. 

Painting over mold

Cleaning up mold is difficult, but hiding it isn't. This is why some homeowners choose to paint over patches of mold on their walls; however, the problem is still there, even though you can't see it. Paint doesn't kill mold, not even the mold resistant type of paint, so the mold will continue growing out of sight. The small mold patch that you wanted to hide will eventually turn into a large mold patch, but you won't know that it's happening, thanks to the layer of paint. You may discover the problem later from the strong mold smell inside your house or a home inspection when you try to sell your house.

Not looking for hidden mold

The patch of mold growing on the wall of your bathroom or laundry room may not be the only mold in your house. Mold spores reproduce; these spores become airborne and spread throughout the house. The spores land on other surfaces and all they need to grow is moisture. Mold may also be growing in out-of-sight places, like along the piping inside your walls, behind your wallpaper, or underneath your carpets. This hidden mold may have no outer signs other than a faint smell, so you will need to have your house inspected to find it. 

Not asking for help

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most homeowners can clean up small patches of mold on their own, as long as they follow mold removal guidelines like wearing protective equipment. Small patches are defined as less than 10 square feet. If your mold is more widespread, it may be safer for you to hire a contractor with experience in removing large patches of mold.

There's no shame in asking for help when you run into a home improvement project that's outside of your experience. Mold is a big problem for homeowners, and if you're not careful, dealing with it by yourself can make your problems worse. Contact a professional mold inspection company, like American Environmental Specialists LLC, for more information about removing the mold in your home.