4 Warning Signs That May Mean You Need Roof Replacement

It's important to stay on top of roof repair and replacement needs so that you can keep your home in working order so it lasts many years. Many people ignore the warning signs that things may be wrong with their roof. By taking note of possible warning signs, you can avoid serious damage to your home. Take a look at the following information to better understand some of the warning signs that may mean you need roof replacement. 

Damp Walls and Ceilings

With a damaged roof, it can be easy for water to enter your home. Some leaks may be noticeable because you will visibly see a stream of water entering your home. In other cases, it may be less noticeable. Have you started to notice damaged walls, ceilings, or furniture your home? Whether you see or smell these problems, it's a big warning sign. This means that moisture is getting into your home. The longer that you go without roof replacement or repair, the greater the damage your home may face. 

Your Roof Hasn't Been Repaired or Replaced in a Long Time

If the age of your roof is something that you're not even sure of, that may be a bad sign. It's important to get a new roof at some point, depending on how old your roof is. If you've never had repairs or replacements, it's a good idea to contact a professional to see if work needs to be done. Chances are you may need a full replacement.

Shingles That Curl 

Have you taken a look at your roof and noticed that the shingles are curling? If you notice this, it means that the shingles have been used for longer than they were intended. They will eventually start to fall off your roof as they completely wear away. 

Shingles Are Missing

When you look up at your roof, does it look naked? This isn't a good sign. As shingles continue to fall off your roof, there is less material protecting your roof and home from damage. With time, you may start to notice leaking issues in your home, which can lead to serious damage. 

These are just some of the biggest warning signs that can be serious if ignored. It's important to stay on top of your roof repair and replacement needs so that you're able to keep your home safe. If you have any questions or if you need a consultation, contact a roof contractor like Classic Remodeling Corporation today.