Want A Home Office? 4 Features To Prioritize With This Room Addition

Being a homeowner is great, but you might live in a home that does not meet all of your needs. If you recently started working at home through your employer or with your own business, you may feel the need to have a home office to eliminate distractions and increase your productivity. When your home does not have enough bedrooms to create such a room, you can fix this by getting a room addition. It is important to invest in the right features for a home office to ensure your overall satisfaction.

Hardwood or Tile Flooring

Carpet is comfortable and warm on your feet, but these qualities are not essential in a home office. Hardwood or tile flooring are your best choices because they do not require much maintenance. Wood floors only need routine sweeping and the occasional cleaning with a product designed for these floors. Tile floors require mopping every once in a while, and the grout should not be an issue in an office. Another benefit with these floors is that they do not collect dust, which can make the room feel stuffy.

Lots of Windows

Although you can certainly use artificial lights to illuminate your home office, you should prioritize natural lighting. Adding lots of windows is easy to do when you are building a room from scratch. Natural light has been proven to increase productivity, making it a highly valuable feature.

Solid Wood Door

It is possible for noise to be an issue in your home when you have a family in the rest of the house. The fortunate thing is that with the room addition, you can just get a solid wood door from the get-go. These doors are thicker, and as a result, they provide better soundproofing than hollow core doors. This is ideal for blocking out business phone calls from your side and the noise of pets or kids on the other side.

Built-In Desk and Storage

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding the perfect desk, bookcases, and other storage features for your home office, you can just have the professionals build them into the home office. It is an ideal way to get the exact measurements that you want to maximize your comfort while working at home. Also, it minimizes wasted space, so you can afford to create a smaller room while still having it feel spacious.

When you need a home office, you can bypass looking at new homes and just add on a new room (by professionals such as those from Bohnstedt Construction).