Is A Rooftop Commercial HVAC System Right For Your Business?

You have several types of commercial HVAC systems from which you can choose. One of the most popular options is the rooftop commercial system. If you are unsure the rooftop system is right for your business, here is what you need to know.  

Why Should You Choose a Rooftop Commercial System? 

There are several reasons for choosing a rooftop commercial system, but one of the most beneficial is that it can help to save space. Instead of having to find room for the system on the ground, the contractor can install it on the roof.  

The system is also easily expanded. As your business's cooling needs grow, so can the system. A modular commercial HVAC system allows you to install additional units. If you operate a building that has multiple rooms that are rented out for office space, this can be particularly beneficial.  

Despite the HVAC system being placed on the rooftop, it is very accessible and convenient. The contractor can climb on the roof and service the system without disrupting your business. By contrast, if the system was on the ground level, the contractor might have to block off some of the ground area to make repairs or service the system.  

The size of the commercial system can sometimes make it noisier than a residential system when it is operating. The noise coming from it can be distracting to you and your customers. You can avoid this with the rooftop placement.  

What Should You Look for in an HVAC System? 

After you determine whether or not a rooftop system is right for your business, you have to decide on the features. One of the most important is the thermostat. Depending on the number of rooms and the size of the building, you might need more than one thermostat. Your HVAC technician can help with setting up a zone control system.  

In addition to this, you have to ensure the size of the commercial system is right for your business. Your technician can assess your building and make recommendations on the size. Choosing the right size can help avoid problems, such as the unit being too small. A system that is too small will work harder to cool your building, which leads to higher utility bills for your business.  

Your HVAC technician can further review the benefits of a rooftop commercial HVAC system with you and help with choosing the right one for your business.