Does Your Home Need New Windows?

If your home has windows that are getting old in age, you're likely wondering if they are in need of replacement. Here are some signs that you should start looking into new windows for your home. 

Performance Problems

Start by looking at how your windows actually perform and if they do everything that you want them to do. The windows might have a noticeable draft around the edge of the window where air from the outside is coming in. This decrease in energy efficiency is going to cause your HVAC bills to rise as a result. Some windows leave condensation on the inside of the glass, which means that normal air is getting between the panes. This is essentially reducing the efficiency of your windows to what it would be like to have single pane glass

Your windows may also have problems opening. They may have been painted shut by a previous owner, or they might be incredibly hard to lift open. If you can't open your windows when you want to, it is likely time for new windows. 

Safety Problems

Your windows need to have a good lock on them to prevent people from simply opening your windows to break into your home. If the windows no longer have a working lock on them, this is a good reason to upgrade. There should also be safety mechanisms on the window that prevent them from being opened very far. This helps prevent young children from pressing up against the screen and falling out of the window. If your windows are lacking any safety features and kids are on the way, consider this a good time to upgrade. 

Appearance Problems

Sometimes your windows are simply old. They may not match your home's current look anymore, and maybe you want to have something that looks notably different. Old windows can also have damage that makes your home look bad. Cracks in the glass or dents in the window frame can be an embarrassment when others look at your home. 

Noise Problems

When old windows have problems where they do not seal well, they'll start letting more noise in from outside. This is problematic if you live on a busy road and have traffic constantly passing by or if you live in a noisy part of town where the is a lot of foot traffic in front of your home. The best way to fix this problem is with double- or triple-pane glass windows that form a good seal.

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