Excavating And Soil Conditions: What You Need To Know Before Breaking Ground

Breaking ground on a construction project is when the excavation work begins. The soil conditions are important for different types of construction projects, and sometimes processes like stabilization are required when doing excavation work. What does your project need before breaking ground?

Soil testing before beginning excavations

Before you begin the excavation work, the soil conditions should be tested. In some areas, the clay and sediments require treatments to prepare them for construction. The soil testing that needs to be done before excavations will include:

  • Testing the compaction of soil for construction
  • Percolation tests to determine how soil retains water
  • Soil composition tests to determine the best stabilization solutions

After the soil testing has been done, you can begin with the next stage in the excavation process. This testing will tell you about the condition of the soil and solutions to improve conditions for construction when doing the excavation work. 

Stabilization and erosion control solutions

The soil stabilization process is often needed if the conditions are not perfect for your project. Several stabilization techniques can be used when excavating, which include:

  • Chemical treatments to improve soil conditions for construction
  • Soil cementing techniques to improve conditions for construction
  • Mixing techniques to improve the properties of the soil before construction

Soil stabilization is often needed to prepare for excavations. The soil stabilization will support the weight of structures and infrastructure during the construction process.

Beginning breaking ground and excavations

The breaking of ground for excavations will begin after the soil conditions have been tested again and pass any specification requirements. This is the beginning of the construction process, and excavations will be done for the project's elevations. There may also be trenching and other needed services throughout the construction process to complete your project.

Completing excavations through different project phases

The excavation work will need to continue throughout the construction process. This will begin with building and continue with backfilling and the final grading for elevations when landscaping. You will want to work with the excavation service throughout your project's different phases to ensure the soil conditions support buildings and other construction that is being done.

Before getting ready to break ground on your project, these are some of the things that you should know about soil conditions. Contact an excavation service to begin evaluating your property and planning the next steps to break ground and begin construction. Contact an excavating contractor for more information.