Why You Should Add Leaf Filters To Your New Gutter Installation

There are many different types of gutter covers that are used to filter out leaves and debris. However, such covers don't provide an effectively enclosed system for your gutters. You'll find that small pieces of leaves, dust, and debris can easily penetrate gutter covers. And depending on the style of your home, these generic covers won't complement your exterior design. 

A better alternative is to use leaf filters. Leaf filtering technology creates a robust system that keeps debris out of your gutters. These filters are also easy to install, and they come in numerous designs that boost your curb appeal. Read on to find out why leaf filters are the best way to go for your gutters. 

1. Prevent Gutter Blockages 

Even with high-quality gutter covers; you may still experience blockages in your downspouts. Blocked gutters arise due to small pieces of debris that accumulate over time. Because generic covers have larger openings that are incapable of filtering smaller particles, the particles are eventually deposited on your downspouts. The overflowing water may end up trickling down your walls and causing damage to your foundation. 

To avoid this issue, consider installing leaf filters. Leaf filters are composed of a fine meshwork that keeps out both large and small particles. The pores in this meshwork allow water to pass freely, creating an efficient system that extends the life of your gutters. 

2. Explore Unique Designs 

Leaf filters conveniently snap on top of your existing gutters. Regardless of the material you currently use, these filters will fit tightly in place and begin working as soon as they're installed. Leaf filters also come in many different colors and designs. If you're looking for a neutral appearance, white filters with gray meshwork are a useful option to consider. You can also select bright colors that give the exterior of your home a unique feel. 

3. Install Them With Your Gutters

Because leaf filters snap on top of existing gutters, you can save significantly during the installation process. Minimum prep work is necessary, and the job can be completed in a few hours and as an add-on to your current gutter installation. This is an excellent option for people in hurricane-prone areas. By installing leaf filters right before hurricane season starts, you'll be able to protect your exterior walls and foundation from water damage.   

4. Enjoy an Extended Warranty 

Leaf filter manufacturers offer extended warranties for their products. Because the filtering technology is much more efficient than using gutter covers, you'll get more life out of your gutter system. The extended warranty also makes repair and replacement less stressful on your wallet. 

Reach out to a professional gutter installation contractor to learn more.