Designing The Commercial Plumbing For Efficient Upgrades When Doing Business Renovations

If you plan to update your business and do major renovations, the mechanical systems are an important part of the planning. Systems like the plumbing can be improved to reduce waste, prevent damage, and make your business more efficient. The following commercial plumbing solutions are some of the things to consider for the design when doing renovations to your business:

Upgrading Commercial Boiler Systems

The first upgrade that you may want to plan for commercial plumbing systems is installing a new boiler. There are options for more efficient boilers that can be installed for the plumbing needs of your business. These can be gas, heating oil, and other alternative energy systems that provide your business with hot water more efficiently. They can even be integrated with renewable energy from solar panels or solar hot water heaters installed on your business's roof.

Installing a Commercial Plumbing Manifold

There are also options to deliver the hot water from boilers and thermal storage tanks more efficiently. These are specially designed manifolds that deliver hot and cold water to fixtures and appliances or equipment more efficiently. They are also good for commercial plumbing systems because they are easy to maintain and problems are easier to repair. This is because a manifold will allow you to turn off the water to lines where plumbing repairs need to be done. This allows you to repair the issue without the need to turn off the water to your entire business while repairs are being done.

Adding Automation to Commercial Plumbing Systems

In addition to boilers and plumbing manifolds, automation is another upgrade to consider for your commercial plumbing installation. The automation can be simple things like faucets that use motion detectors to open and close valves. They can also be systems that allow you to program and automate appliances or equipment that use water when they are running—these automation upgrades for commercial plumbing help to reduce energy and water loss issues.

Installing Better Drainage Systems to Protect Your Business

Drainage is another important aspect to consider for the design of your new plumbing. There may be some areas where you want to have commercial drainage systems installed to control moisture and keep water out of your business. These systems can be installed by your plumbing contractor and connected to storm drains or sewer systems. You may also want to consider water collection from roof runoff and other areas. These systems can collect non-potable water for commercial use for various needs of your business.

The plumbing improvements for your business will make it more efficient and reduce costs. Contact a plumbing contractor to start planning improvements like these.