How A Water Damage Restoration Company Can Make Your Home Safe Again

Most homeowners do not like the thought of anything happening to their homes. However, property damage can occur in many forms. One thing that is often overlooked is water damage. Some individuals assume that they are not at risk for water damage if they live in an area that is not well-known for flooding from natural disasters.

Water damage can occur under other circumstances, however. Plumbing emergencies, faulty AC units, residual water from extinguishing a fire, and flooded basements are all examples of things that can cause water damage that is not related to acts of nature. Proper cleanup involve ensuring that professional water damage restoration is completed. The following points identify a few things that a water damage restoration company can do for you.

Inspect Walls

The walls in a home that has been compromised by water may show telltale signs of damage. The damage often presents as brown stains. However, if the damage has not had time to dry out, it might be less apparent. A water damage restoration professional can identify fresh and older damage. Sometimes the walls and the ceilings are affected by water damage. If water damage compromises walls and ceilings, the building materials must get extracted to prevent mold and decay. 

Inspect Wood and Carpeted Areas

Shortly after a water damage incident, mold can start to grow. This might not be evident to untrained individuals. However, water restoration professionals can identify when there might be a chance of mold growth. They can make a professional decision about whether to extract and replace compromised wood. Sometimes mold can grow and may not be clearly visible. Drying out the wood is not always ideal because the spores can lay dormant and will only need moisture to reactivate. The carpeting may be salvageable. The determination is made on a case-by-case basis using a number of factors. 


No water damage restoration project will be complete without sanitizing the affected property. This ensures that everything is clean and that the mold risks have been eliminated. Professionals may use cleaning agents and ultraviolet lights to ensure thorough sanitization.

A water damage restoration company is the best resource to use if you experience water damage. They can assess the situation and provide an appropriate fix. Do not assume that damage that is contained to one room or a small area of your home is not serious. Mold and other pathogens can spread quickly if they are not cleaned up correctly. Another perk that the restoration company can offer is assistance with filing your insurance claim.