Look For Roof Damage Inside And Outside Your Home

Things are going to work out better for you if you have roof damage repaired as soon as you find out there is a problem. Waiting to get the damage repaired can allow it to get much worse, and you could find you are suddenly way in over your head with roofing issues. Those ignored roofing concerns can even get to the point where they lead to other issues in the house. You can spot signs of roof problems both inside and outside your home, depending on what's wrong. Here are some of the things you should keep an eye open for: 

Signs of possible roofing problems from inside the house

Moisture in the attic 

Moisture in the attic doesn't automatically mean there is a leak in the roof, but it could. If there is moisture in your attic, you want to look for the water. If you find any, then you should get the roofer out to find and repair the leak. 

Problems with your ceiling 

There are a number of problems that can happen to your ceiling if you have a roof leak. Water droplets coming from the ceiling are an obvious sign there is a roof leak. Also, seeing bubbled paint on the ceiling, dark spots, or sagging of the ceiling indicates there is a leak. 

Signs of possible roofing problems from the exterior of the house

Missing shingles 

Shingles are important to the overall integrity of your roof, and each one counts. They are designed to withstand normal winds and weather conditions. However, things like very high winds or hail can cause some to fall off. If you see any areas where shingles are missing, then you want to have them replaced right away. 

Moss growth 

If you see moss growing on your roof, then have a roofer come look at it soon. Moss can cause damage, so you want to have it removed and make sure there aren't already problems with the roof. 

Weird-looking roof 

You know what your roof normally looks like. It should continue to look this way, and if you notice it's starting to look weird, then this can indicate big problems that need immediate attention. There are many ways the roof can look strange, no matter what kind of roof you have. Shingles can start curling and breaking, tiles can start looking chipped and faded, and wood shingles can start curling upward or separating from one another. Anything out of the ordinary should be looked at without delay.

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