Why Install Stone-Coated Steel Panels On Your Roof?

If you want to replace an old roof or install a new one, then your choice of materials is important. While all materials are designed to last a long time, some work better on some roofs than others.

One option to look at is stone-coated steel panels. How does this roof material work and what are its benefits?

What Is Stone-Coated Steel Roofing?

Stone-coated steel roofing combines two materials to create a different kind of roof panel. The core of these panels is made from steel while the top surface is made from stone. The panels slot together to give a shingle-like look when they are in place.

Here, the base panels are made from rolled steel sheets. Manufacturers treat the sheets with a coating to prevent corrosion and rust. You then add granulated stone to the top of the sheets. This layer is tightly and permanently stuck to the metal surface. You can choose from different types of stone here in different colors.

What Are The Advantages Of Stone-Coated Steel Roofs?

Stone-coated steel roofs combine the practical benefits of metal roofing with the durability and cosmetic appeal of stone. You get a roof that lasts longer but still looks appealing.

For example, the metal base of your roof will have a long lifespan. Metal roofs score high on longevity scales. As long as you use metals with an anti-corrosion treatment, they can sit on a roof for decades without significant damage.

The stone layer on these roofs increases this durability. While metal is sometimes affected by high winds and storms, stone is less likely to suffer from damage in these scenarios. The stone gives the roof some extra weight without making your roof too heavy. It also provides a resistant layer that makes the metal stronger.

This combination of materials should also improve the thermal efficiency of your roof. They work together to manage heat and cold more efficiently. You bring together the thermal qualities of both metal and stone here.

If you like the benefits of metal roofing but don't like the way it looks, then stone-coated products are the ideal solution. You don't see the metal panels on your roof; the stone is the facing material. This gives your roof a warmer, more natural, and traditional look.

To find out more about stone-coating metal panels, and to see some examples of designs and color options, contact local roofing contractors.