Kitchen Remodeling Project? The Top Styles For Your New Design

What style of kitchen is the right choice for your home? Kitchen remodeling is a complex process that requires thought, a thorough design plan, and more. If you're ready to upgrade your meal prep space but aren't sure which style to select, take a look at what you need to know about home decor and your options.

Rustic Style

This shabby chic style borders on farmhouse—but has an old-world or vintage type of feel. Even though you may associate rustic with a bare-bones cabin in the middle of the woods, this style of kitchen is fully functional, modern, and more. A rustic style kitchen combines natural elements with the convenience of a contemporary meal prep and dining space. 

This type of decor includes real or simulated wood and natural stone. These create warmth and a slightly weathered (but not worn or used) aesthetic. Along with the general building material choice, a rustic kitchen may include an exposed-beam ceiling or a fireplace hearth. 

Traditional Style

The classic type of kitchen is simple and elegant. Many classic or traditional kitchens have an older or vintage feel—minus elaborate or fancy finishes. Raised or panel-style cabinet doors, a simple elegant wood floor, and a solid-colored countertop can create a seamless style with an old-world traditional look. Instead of bold or dramatic colors, keep this kitchen simple and select white or neutral hues.

Contemporary Style

This sophisticated style is sleek, modern, and clean. You won't find ornately decorated cabinetry or heavy wood accents in a contemporary kitchen. Instead, this type of space may include metallic finishes, stainless steel, and glass cabinet doors. 

A contemporary style kitchen may feature monochromatic choices, plain white, plain black, or neutral, natural hues. Bold colors are accents in this type of kitchen—and not the dominant palette.

Industrial Style

An industrial kitchen falls within a contemporary style. Even though an industrial-style kitchen is contemporary, not all contemporary kitchens are industrial. Some contemporary or modern kitchens feature natural or almost spa-like elements. These include lighter natural wood cabinetry and neutral granite or other stone countertops and floors.

In contrast to a natural contemporary style, an industrial modern kitchen has an almost warehouse-like feel. Stainless steel appliances, countertops, and accents dominate this type of stylish space. The cabinetry should have a simple, sleek look and may include metallics, black or white, or glass doors. 

Be sure to consult with your remodeling contractor when considering different styles.