Various Roofing Issues And How They Can Affect Your Roof

Only a handful of homeowners bother to check their roof's condition. Instead, a majority remember their roofs when a problem pops up. But this should never be the case, given the crucial role played by the roofing system. The roof has to be in great shape to shield you against weather elements efficiently. This is best achieved through regular inspections and maintenance. Otherwise, failure to pay attention to your roof could lead to constant and costly issues. Take a look at the consequences of ignoring the roofing system below. 

Uncontrollable Algae Growth

You cannot fail to notice algae, for it tends to stain the rooftop pretty clearly. And due to its unpleasant look, you might get tempted to use high-pressured water to clean off the stains. Though this remedy might seem to work, it is highly discouraged by professional roofers since it causes additional problems. For instance, power-washing the roof greatly lowers the shingle's lifespan. 

Naturally, algae thrives in moist and damp places. Therefore you will mostly notice it in shaded areas such as under hanging branches. However, widespread algae is hard to remedy and could necessitate a roof replacement. So ask for assistance from your roofing contractor at the first sign of algae growth. 

Roof Blistering

A blistered roof is usually a result of trapped vapor between the insulation and roof plies. During sunny days, the trapped gas expands, resulting in a bubbled roof surface. This issue is most prevalent in a poorly installed roofing system. Therefore, if you are planning on a roof installation, steer clear of DIY installations. 

Sometimes, the blisters can appear due to thin asphalt shingles or damaged flashing. If you see raised spots on your roof that appear as though there is trapped air inside, consult a roofing expert. The solution, in this case, is replacing the affected area or an entire slope. 

Damaged Shingles

Shingles can go missing or get torn for various reasons. For instance, it is a popular problem in a weak roof resulting from a DIY installation. Harsh weather elements such as storms and high winds also contribute to this roofing problem. Regardless of the cause, call your roofer as you detect missing shingles so as to avert leaks and water damage. 

Roof Rotting

A rotting roof is caused by excessive moisture, which reduces the system's structural integrity. It can be expensive to fix if left to thrive. Luckily, you can spot this issue early through roof inspections and have it addressed before it gets out of hand.

Understanding the roofing issues you may encounter along the way enables you to take the necessary preventative measures. But more importantly, invest in professional roofing inspections and partner with a reliable roofing contractor to ensure emerging issues are addressed in time. 

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