Make Your Rental Home’s Kitchen More Appealing with a Few Upgrades

Renting out a property you own can give you a consistent income throughout the year. Filling vacancies is a process that you may have gotten used to through the years. Over the years, you may maintain the property and find tenants when a vacancy happens. But you may want to start upgrading the place to increase rental income and appeal to more potential tenants.

Hiring remodelers is worthwhile because they can make a few impactful changes that make a clear and immediate difference in the rental kitchen.


The first thing you can focus on is the appliances throughout the room. For instance, not having a dishwasher means that tenants must wash all their dishes by hand. A great plan is to make room for a dishwasher to make it faster and easier for tenants to wash their dishes.

A dishwasher may be seen as a must-have feature for someone who loves homemade cooking. So, you can appeal to more tenants and add a highly desired feature by most renters in general.

Another way to improve appliances is by installing stainless-steel ones. A cohesive look will make your kitchen look impressive in photos and in person. You can also add a built-in microwave to eliminate the need for tenants to buy one and find a place for it in the kitchen.


Stone countertops are desirable because of their low upkeep and visual appeal. Upgrading from a laminate countertop can greatly impact tenant interest and satisfaction. Granite and quartz are two popular stone materials worth considering for the countertop. These materials boast exceptional strength, durability, and longevity, which is perfect for a rental.

When a tenant moves in, you will not have to worry about them causing damage to the countertop because of its innate durability.


Another way to improve your rental is by working on the cabinetry. For instance, using empty space is helpful because you can provide your tenants with additional storage capacity.

A great example is when there is empty space next to the cabinets or above them. Adding a floor-to-ceiling cabinetry setup will boost storage space immensely. To maintain a cohesive look, you can get remodelers to pick colors and materials that mesh with the existing cabinetry.

Upgrading to soft-close cabinets and drawers is also worth considering. This simple upgrade will keep cabinets and drawers from slamming shut, making them more pleasant for tenants to use.

Work with a kitchen remodeling service to boost your rental's kitchen appeal in numerous ways.