Options To Consider for a Glass Countertop

When you picture a countertop in your home, you might think of a natural stone product such as granite or a synthetic product such as laminate. There are a number of advantages to each of these materials, but they're far from being the only options that are available to homeowners. If you like the idea of your counter having a unique appearance, whether it's in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home, it's a good idea to evaluate the other materials that your local countertop supplier has available. One product to think about is glass, which is thick and stylish. Here are some options that you'll need to think about.  


While it's possible to have a clear glass countertop, most people elect to have glass that is slightly colored. Your counter supplier can show you examples of the different colors that are available, including hands-on samples that you can take home to evaluate and photos of homes that have colored glass countertops. A lot of people choose various shades of blue and green, although your supplier may have some other color choices. Blue has a slightly water-like appearance, which can make it work well in a bathroom.


Beyond color, there are lots of different finish options that are available. While the top of the counter will have a smooth finish, the underside can often be textured. The texturing will be visible through the countertop, giving the countertop a unique appearance. Another finish option that is popular is a frosted look. You can choose a color tint that will work well in your home and elect to have this color frosted to a desired level. You may even see glass countertops that have a swirly finish, which can give a lively look to the glass.

Edge Style

A lot of people elect to have a square edge when they order a glass countertop, but your supplier can order your custom countertop with a different edge style if you prefer. Some people like the look of an edge that has a gentle curve to it. This style offers visual appeal, and can further help to play up the water-like look — after all, a curved style may somewhat remind you of the shape of a wave.

Visit a local countertop supplier like State College Distributors to learn more about glass counters and decide what look will be the right fit for your home.