How To Avoid Issues When Replacing Your Bathroom’s Plumbing Fixtures

Some of the most common mistakes people make when replacing plumbing fixtures are actually easy to avoid. You need to be aware of the issues that can turn an easy change into a huge problem. With this information, you can replace your worn out fixtures with new and impressive looking ones throughout your bathroom. Use the Correct Materials Any type of plumbing work can be a tricky, especially since using the wrong materials can mean major issues. Read More 

3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Removing Mold

Mold is common in nature. This fungus helps to decompose organic material like wood. In the wild, this is a good thing, but inside your home, mold isn't so helpful. Mold inside the home needs to be removed, and while it's often possible for you to do this by yourself, you need to be careful. You probably already know that not wearing protective equipment is a mistake, but here are three more mistakes that you might not have thought of. Read More 

Ready To Make Some Changes To Your Home? Start Outside In The Front

You may be tired with the same look of your home and ready to make some changes to it. A good place to get started is in the front. Below are two ways you can add some zing to give your home more appeal. Dress Up Your Windows with Awnings Add some awnings on your windows to waken them up. Awnings not only look nice, but they offer many benefits including: Read More 

Pipes That Don’t Freeze: Five Tips To Prevent Your Water Softener From Freezing

If you are like most people, you probably keep your water softener in the garage. While it seems like a good idea, it can cause potential problems if you live in a cooler climate. Snow and sub-freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing, including your water softener. Fortunately, you can prevent freezing by winterizing your water softener. Here are five quick, helpful tips to make that job easier: 1. Add Insulation Read More 

Renovations And Demolition: Four Things You Should Be Aware Of Before You Begin Remodeling

If you plan to do renovations to your old house, some things may require demolition. You may have to remove old flooring, exterior finishes, insulation, plumbing and other building materials. When you do this, there may be several hidden hazards in the walls of your home. Sometimes, covering the materials is fine, but more often than not, you will have to have them removed. Here are some of the hidden dangers that you should be aware of when doing renovations to your home: Read More